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South Fork High School Senior Sunrise

Across the United States, many high school student have a tradition to wake up early on the first day and watch the sunrise together with their senior classmates. Senior sunrise celebrates the beginning of the last school year. For many, it is typically done at the school's football field. However, we are so blessed to live on the Treasure Coast with some of the most beautiful sunrises. Today was no exception.

I was blessed to have been invited to share in this special occasion and capture the memory for a small group of seniors from South Fork High School. Although South Fork High School will have their official Senior Sunrise next week, this group of seniors wanted to do Senior Sunrise the right way on the appropriate day.

Congratulations to all of the Class of 2022 Seniors! I wish you the very best this school year filled with lots of wonderful memories! I look forward to capturing some more of those memories with your lifestyle senior pictures! Click here to download the full resolution image.

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