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South Fork High School 2021 Class President, Meagan Murray

Meet Meagan Murray, South Fork High School's Senior Class of 2021 President. Throughout high school, Meagan was involved in SGA and the AVID Program. Meagan is a very sweet and humble young lady with a picture perfect beautiful smile, gorgeous curly hair with fairy strands mixed in and and stunning eyes.

You can barely tell in the pictures, but Meagan's initial shoot was rainy and windy. So much so that we had to try again on a second date. One thing I learned about Meagan from our time together is that is very difficult for anything to bring her down.

Meagan's vision for her senior pictures were to have happy and laughing photos. She also wanted to not only capture beautiful happy vibes, but also peaceful vibes. I think we were able to capture just that! What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Meagan's hobbies remind me a lot of myself at her age and even now. Meagan enjoys going to the beach and taking pictures on her film camera. She also likes going to concerts, listening to music, and dancing.

Meagan has a beautiful family and I was able to meet 3 of her beautiful siblings.

What's next for Meagan? Meagan will attend Florida Gulf Coast University and majoring in Psychology..

Makeup for Senior Photos: Meagan Murray

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