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Senior VIP Team - Back to School Session

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Can you believe that school starts NEXT WEEK?!? Where did the summer go? Since school is starting next week, I thought I'd have a little back to school fun with my Senior VIP Team. One of the perks of having your senior pictures taken at Elizabeth Marini Photography is being a Senior VIP and getting fun bonus shoots, like this one. Click here if you want to learn more about the Senior VIP Team.

Senior photography styled shoot with girls in school uniforms, holding school supplies and backpack in from of school lockers.
Jordan Losardo, Ally Sanders, Gracie Pulley, and Jordyn Levy

The fashion for this shoot was inspired by Brittany Spears, Baby One More Time Video, but it reminds me of my private school days. I would roll my skirt up and could not wait until I got out of school to tie my shirt up.

Meet Jordan Losardo...

Meet Ally Sanders...

Meet Gracie Pulley...

Meet Jordyn Levy...

Thank you, Jordan, Ally, Gracie and Jordyn for being my VIPs and models for this shoot!

You too can be a Senior VIP! Message me for details.

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