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No modeling experience? No problem!

As a professional senior portrait photographer, it’s my job to pose my clients and guide them through the shoot in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident while making them look flattering in the photos. Zero modeling experience or professional photography experience is necessary! Most of my clients are typical teens just like you!

Before her session, Martin County High School Class of 2023 senior, Alli Berger was concerned about not knowing how to pose. This is a common concern with most of my clients. As you can see, she nailed it and looked gorgeous in all her pictures.

Doesn't she make it look easy? That's because it was!

Alli was all smiles for her senior photos. Can you blame her with that gorgeous smile? Maybe it was because she had just graduated from Martin County High School with her AICE diploma.

What's next for Alli? She will be attending the University of Florida to study Psychology.

The best advice she was ever given was and wanted to share: "Be true to yourself Let me know what you think of Alli's pics. Want to book your own session, let's connect! Just click on "Get in Touch" on the top menu, or give me a call!

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